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Fernando Cardona-Heredia - Chef @ Renaissance Dallas Hotel

The Renaissance Dallas and ASADOR is proud to announce our new Senior Restaurant Chef - Fernando Cardona-Heredia.


Chef Fernando began working in culinary at the age of 15 and specializes in Authentic Mexican and Latin cuisine. By traveling all over Mexico to study local cultures and traditional dishes, he has developed an expertise and talent which has elevated him in the culinary world. Chef Fernando studied under celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval at La Hacienda, where he was promoted to Sous Chef. From there, he had the privilege of teaching culinary classes and developing an award winning menu for The Mexicano Restaurant, one of the top 5 Mexican restaurants in Arizona.


Raised on his grandparents farm in Mexico, Chef Fernando comes from a family of chefs where cooking runs in their blood. He is dedicated to making the dining experience unique for his guests and his philosophy from day one has always been: "I can sleep better at night if I can improve an individual's knowledge about food and do it on a daily basis." 


Chef Fernando will be working with Executive Chef Joe to bring DFW Farm ingredients to the front of his unique style of food. We are thrilled to bring his talents and expertise to Texas to provide our guests in ASADOR with an intriguing and unique dining experience.