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Welcome to Asador

The word Asador can refer to a grill master or the technique of cooking whole meats on an open flame. The most prehistoric method of cooking on an open fire simplifies life down to the basics. Meats that were dressed on a cross like stick from a fresh hunt and vegetables pulled right from the garden are what remind us that the simplicity of freshness and localism are the principles at Asador. Our cuisine is the merger from influences that stem from our local Texas purveyors, to the flavors of North and South America and based on open flame cooking. We are a casual restaurant that strives to provide fine dining service, incredibly fresh food, and reasonable prices.
Our inspiration comes from focusing on quality ingredients and preparing them in a simplistic manner. Typically the best products to be found are right here locally and we strive to support their artisan craftsmanship. Our food is predominantly comprised of local, natural, organic, and seasonal ingredients. This allows us to showcase flavors when they are at their peak. By purchasing locally, we can ensure that we have the freshest products that are raised without any chemicals, by-products, growth hormones, or preservatives. Our passion is rejuvenated every day that we are able to come across a beautifully ripe tomato, freshly picked carrots, or a cut of naturally raised, local meat.
Roasted scallops and vegetables
Pork charcuterie board
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We proudly serve products sourced from local artisans, farmers, & ranchers.

East Texas Aquaponics Mineola, TX

Texas Fungus Arlington, TX

Fit Foods Farm Kaufman, TX

Rainwater Farms Kosse, TX

Broken Arrow Ranch

Texas Craft Wagyu Leonard, TX

Musgrove Family Farm Greenville, TX

Wagyu Excellente Fort Davis, TX

Misty Moon Farms Argyle, TX

Tortilleria la Norteña Dallas, TX

Mozzarella Company Dallas, TX

Empire Bakery Dallas, TX

Homestead Gristsmill Waco, TX

JJ&B Plano, TX

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