Chef Brad Phillips


Brad Phillips grew up in northeast Ohio in a family of farmers and horticulturists. He learned at an early age how special all types of food are and that he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. After attaining a business degree from the University of Toledo and a culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Brad went to work for his mentor and seafood specialist Dean James Max at his restaurant 3030 Ocean in Fort Lauderdale. He also worked at Latitude 41 in Columbus, Ohio under the direction of    Chef Dean Max.

     Brad then found himself as Executive Chef of The Brasserie on Grand Cayman Island, which was a perfect fit for him.  Using the local ingredients and the Brasserie’s organic garden, as well as the abundance of fresh fish and local meats, Brad worked to create a culinary experience that no one had seen before on the island.  Mixing Caribbean ingredients and Mid-Western cooking techniques, Chef Brad passionately worked to bring to life new flavors.

     Chef Brad now finds himself at Asador in Dallas Texas, which is his 4th stint in a Chef Max destination restaurant.  Brad now gets the opportunity to use his past experience through the Midwest, the South, and the Caribbean combined with the local products of Texas and its Tex-Mex flavors to create a different local farm to fire concept at Asador.